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Virtual memory break-out with PCIe

TL;DR After noticing a trend of conference talks with posted slides or videos being overlooked and hard to search through, I've decided to write an overview blog post for most of my conference talks in order to create a searchable and easy-to-skim jumping-off point. I will link to slides, video and paper if there is one at the end of each . . .

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August 12, 2015

Mitigations to the "Memory Sinkhole"

TL;DR Domas' "Memory Sinkhole" is a clever attack, but in today's OS landscape, can be mitigated via a small software update.

Yesterday at Black Hat USA, I watched as Christopher Domas shed some light on a very exciting/terrifying vulnerability. He discovered that SMRAM accesses can be duped to read/write from the . . .

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August 07, 2015


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